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Holly on the Hill

Author. Activist. Speaker. Mother. Trying to make a difference in my little corner of the world. Like Margaret Thatcher, "I am in politics because of the conflict between good and evil, and I believe that in the end good will triumph."

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Daylight Savings Time. Is it time for it to go?

It's a topic that seems to come up every year in the Utah legislature - can the state please, PLEASE get rid of Daylight Savings Time?! Bill after bill has been introduced and year after year, those bills just die on the vine. Earlier this year, though, Representative Ronda Menlove ran a bill asking for the Governor's Office of Economic Development to facilitate … [Read More...]

Keep Calm

If you want your birth control, you can keep your birth control.

Really. If you want birth control, you can get birth control. No one - and I mean no one - is stopping you. You would think the Hobby Lobby case means that all birth control is immediately outlawed (think Romania in the 80's). 'Tis not so. The hysterical hoopla over the Supreme Court decision smacks of hypocrisy so loudly I can barely hear what the ranting voices … [Read More...]

On Point June 25, 2014

On Point: Primaries, 10th Circuit and SCOTUS

Join Michelle Mumford and I and our guests Curt Bentley and Bill Duncan as we discuss Utah's 2014 primary election results, the 10th Circuit ruling on same-gender marriage and 2 Supreme Court decisions: cell phone warrants and recess appointments. … [Read More...]

Recap of Utah’s primaries, plus looking forward

I had the chance to join Glen Mills and the chair of Utah's Democrat party, Mayor Peter Corroon on ABC4 to recap the 2014 primaries and take a look at the November match-ups. Take a look: … [Read More...]

Doubt Your Doubts

To My LDS Sisters With Questions

This blog post is a departure from the  posts I typically do. It is deeply personal and deals with questions of faith and religious CULTURE vs DOCTRINE.  It is an open letter to my LDS friends with questions of faith. My dear friends: You have questions and are worried about your place in God's kingdom.  My heart aches at your heartache. I have watched as … [Read More...]

Tips for Grads

Advice to high school grads

  Our family had another high school graduation this year. Next year we will have three more! As the kids grow up and move on the next phase of their lives, there are a lot of things I hope they know. First and foremost, I hope they know I love them and we will always be a safe landing place. More than that, here are some of things I hope they know.  (And … [Read More...]

VW ad

Volkswagen’s powerful new PSA

Just in case you need a reminder not to text and drive (which I frequently do), check out this PSA for movie goers in Tokyo. … [Read More...]

Eric Cantor

The #1 rule Eric Cantor forgot

"Unprecedented" "Historic" "Out of left field" (or in this case, right field). "Unexpected" "Stunning" "Shocking" Writers all over the country are pulling out the old thesaurus to try and find the right words to describe US House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's loss last night. In addition to the right headline grabber, writers were (and are) scrambling to find out WHY … [Read More...]

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