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Author. Activist. Speaker. Mother. Trying to make a difference in my little corner of the world. Like Margaret Thatcher, "I am in politics because of the conflict between good and evil, and I believe that in the end good will triumph."

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Come find me at HollyRichardson.com

This poor neglected blog shows evidence of the shifting focus I have made over the last year.  I still write about Utah politics - every once in a while. I am also writing about self-care for women, humanitarian service and "lifting where we stand" over on my new website, HollyRichardson.com There, I share with you my AHA! moment in the mountains of Nepal - and how … [Read More...]

My Guiding Principles

I have so enjoyed meeting and talking with people over the last couple of weeks. I believe delegates and voters alike should never settle for spin, hype or bumper-sticker politics.  As I meet with people, there are some common questions that arise, especially about my guiding principles and how I will make decisions. I have included my responses below. I believe in deeper … [Read More...]

Tips for easy following of the Utah legislature

The Utah legislature ranks among the best in the nation for state legislative transparency and ease of following the goings-on on Capitol Hill. Here are 10 easy ways you can follow along with the legislative session, which also gives you info for some awesome small talk at dinner parties. Go to the award-winning legislative site: le.utah.gov You can search for … [Read More...]

Meet my best cheerleader

I'd like to introduce myself and my husband, Greg, who is the best cheerleader I could ask for. I am a wife, mother, speaker, author, voracious reader, lover of the color pink and passionate about public service. I graduated from BYU's nursing school as an RN in 1984. In addition to the best job - being a mom - I've been an adjunct professor at BYU, a small business … [Read More...]

16 political predictions for 2016

The obligatory list-making predictions for 2016: 1. Governor Herbert will win easily. He has the highest approval rating of any elected official in the state and Utah continues to garner accolades for doing well on multiple fronts. 2. There will be a number of "campaign bills" during this legislative session, meaning bills being run to shore up re-election … [Read More...]

Running for Senate District 14!

Earlier this week, I announced I am running for Senate District 14. Current Senator Al Jackson will not be seeking re-election and according to his website, will be moving back east to support his son, Frank, who will be playing for Duke University.  Over the course of this campaign, we will have many opportunities to talk about policy, but today, I want to share the … [Read More...]

Carly Fiorina on the ballot in New Hampshire

Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has officially filed to be on the ballot in New Hampshire - and hopefully soon, 49 others as well. I continue to be impressed at her ability to remain unflappable in the face of some pretty nasty jabs thrown her way. Take the ladies from "The View" - they called her looks "demonic" and mocked her for her smile. She responded by … [Read More...]

Carly Fiorina, Buzzfeed and a reality check

Carly Fiorina stopped by the Buzzfeed offices and filmed a little reality piece on role reversal. … [Read More...]

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