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Holly on the Hill

Author. Activist. Speaker. Mother. Trying to make a difference in my little corner of the world. Like Margaret Thatcher, "I am in politics because of the conflict between good and evil, and I believe that in the end good will triumph."

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Muffy Day

Mia Love’s new chief of staff faces immediate, undeserved criticism

Less than 24 hours ago, Mia Love announced her first two staff selections and the criticizing of her choices began within nano-seconds. Congresswoman-elect Love chose Muffy Day as her chief of staff, currently the chief of staff for Congressman John Campbell (R-CA). To run the district, she chose Laurel Price, the Operations Director of her campaign and Mia's right-hand … [Read More...]


Mia Love has earned this win

As I start this post, there are a mere 90 minutes until Election Day in Utah. It's like Christmas Eve for political junkies! After months and months of this campaign season (about 23 1/2, it feels like), results are only 24 hours away. Mia Love has earned the win she will make official tomorrow night. (My prediction: 8 points. My hope: 10+) I've already blogged … [Read More...]

Heather Groom

Vote Heather Groom for School Board

This year's races for school board have been heated and divisive, sometimes (often?) descending into personal attacks, false accusations, misrepresentations and hyperbole. In the midst of that, one calm voice of reason stands out: Heather Groom. Heather is running for the state school board in District 9, the district that includes much of Utah county. She has my … [Read More...]


Vote Yes for Pleasant Grove’s Public Safety Building

There are not many roles for government that are as clearly defined as public safety. It's one of the few things most people agree should continue to fall under the purview of a governmental entity. Another is infrastructure, like roads and sewer pipes. Those things are often lumped together, but they are in fact, unique and independent from each other. For those who … [Read More...]


Race is still an issue in Utah

(Originally published in the Daily Herald) More than a dozen years ago, our family welcomed two young boys from Ethiopia into our lives. Those boys were not our first transracially-adopted children, nor were they our last. In fact, the next year, my husband and I went to Ethiopia and adopted four more children, ages newborn to 12, making six black children in our … [Read More...]


Top Tips for East Coast Staffers Campaigning in Utah for the First Time

  We get it. You bought the line that political consultants in Utah don't know what they're doing, so you hired an out-of-stater to parachute in and carry you over the finish line. In the spirit of good, old fashioned friendliness, we've compiled a list of helpful hints so your guys and gals won't misstep on their first foray into Utah politics - I mean, their first … [Read More...]


Daylight Savings Time. Is it time for it to go?

It's a topic that seems to come up every year in the Utah legislature - can the state please, PLEASE get rid of Daylight Savings Time?! Bill after bill has been introduced and year after year, those bills just die on the vine. Earlier this year, though, Representative Ronda Menlove ran a bill asking for the Governor's Office of Economic Development to facilitate … [Read More...]

Keep Calm

If you want your birth control, you can keep your birth control.

Really. If you want birth control, you can get birth control. No one - and I mean no one - is stopping you. You would think the Hobby Lobby case means that all birth control is immediately outlawed (think Romania in the 80's). 'Tis not so. The hysterical hoopla over the Supreme Court decision smacks of hypocrisy so loudly I can barely hear what the ranting voices … [Read More...]

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