Tribute to our troops

KSL Senate candidate debate

Watch this first televised debate between Tim Bridgewater and Mike Lee by heading on over to KSL.

Some Gave All

Very touching tribute put together by a military wife.

Bridgewater shines at convention

Bridgewater shines at convention

Quin Monson, BYU pollster extra-ordinaire, released results of polling done before and after the recent GOP state convention. He had a response rate of approximately 40% and found some interesting results. Here are the ones that stood out for me: *In the pre-convention survey, Bob Bennett and Tim Bridgewater were tied exactly at 22.7%, Cherilyn…

Bridgewater "racing" for the US Senate

One more example of Tim “walking the walk” – or in this case, “riding the ride”.

Obama's New World Order

Obama's New World Order

This weekend, President Obama addressed the graduating class at West Point. He praised their willingness to join the military in times of war – then went on to tell them that we need to create a “new international order“. He said that the “US must shape a world order” where “the burdens of this century…

The Uppity Dinner Guest

Seriously? President Calderon has the ….guts…. to come to the United States as a guest and lecture us on immigration policy? Seriously? Here is Rep. McClintock’s response.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Nothing to see here. Move along

Senator Bob Bennett called a press conference today to announce……that he is not running a write-in campaign. And he is not endorsing either candidate in the primary. However, he is confident he would have won had he run a write-in….. Now that we’re clear, time to move along. You can hear for yourself if you’d…