As predicted, the Utah legislature takes $101 million

The Utah legislature convened a special session today to talk about taking the $101 million in “Edu-jobs” federal dollars. There were impassioned speeches – Senator Madsen’s was my favorite – and there were amendments and a substitute bill. There even was an awful lot of sauntering on the Senate side which generally means they don’t…

Federal dollars and legislative posturing

Federal dollars and legislative posturing

Tomorrow, the Utah legislature will convene a special session for the purpose of voting on whether to take $101 million from the federal government.  Let’s be clear.  They will take the money.  But before they do, we’ll hear more talk about how the money is bad.  More talk about overreach by the federal government.  More…

California boy gets escort to school

Take a look at Cody Alicea’s ride to school this morning.  He’s the young boy who was told to remove the flag from his bike.

Teaparty scores huge win

Teaparty scores huge win

For weeks (months?) we’ve heard how the Tea Party movement is not a serious player on the political field. We first heard how they would have no influence over elections, that they (we) were “astroturf” and not worth listening to. We then heard how they/we would only elect ineffectual representatives who would be stuck in…

Poor Charlie Rangel

He’s only had 2 years to prepare for his ethics trial but he couldn’t figure out how to have an attorney present with him this morning as the trial began. He argued with the ethics committee chairwoman, Zoe Lofgren, a Democrat from California as the hearing opened. He asserted he was “entitled to a lawyer”…

School makes boy remove American flag

School makes boy remove American flag

In Denair, California, middle school officials told Cody Alicea to remove the American flag on the back of his bike. Apparently concerned that the flag would incite “racial tensions or uprisings“, school officials decided (after 2 months) that the 13 year-old could no longer come to school with Old Glory. Cody complied, but expressed his…

Great campaign ad

Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) had a pretty darn good ad early on, trying to distance herself from her party. It didn’t work. She lost. But the ad was good.

Chaffetz headed to Appropriations Committee?

Chaffetz headed to Appropriations Committee?

Congressman Jason Chaffetz, in line for a chairmanship of a subcommittee under Rep Darrell Issa, may instead find himself on the most powerful committee in the House – Appropriations. A Politico article on Boehner and “tea party sweeteners” had this tidbit: Cantor continues to push for reform-minded conservatives on committees such as Appropriations, Energy and…