Familiar rhetoric?

I thought the State of the Union address sounded familiar. It wasn’t just the repetition – it was all of the Republican soundbites tossed in there as well.

Free at last!

Today as we honor Dr Martin Luther King, I came across this video clip of Carly Fleischmann. Carly has autism and is non-verbal but she broke free thanks to a computer. Check out this video as you think about what it means to be “Free at last”. Carly also has a blog and a Twitter…

I resigned today

This morning, I tendered my resignation as a member of the Utah House of Representatives to join the Dan Liljenquist for US Senate campaign. It has been an honor to serve the people of District 57. I thank them for allowing me to serve them for the past year. I have SO enjoyed the opportunity…

Dan Liljenquist in US Senate race

Meet Dan Liljenquist!

Retire, collect $500,000 in pension, go back to work

Taxpayers in Philadelphia are stuck with hefty bills because of sky-high pension benefits for people who retire for a weekend, then come right back to work. ┬áCity Councilwoman Marian Tasco retired Friday, collected almost a half a million dollars in pension benefits and returns to work today, when she will be sworn in to serve…