Energy policy through the lens of Obamacare

If you want to understand the Obama administration’s energy policy, just have a look at Obamacare. The president’s “signature achievement” tells you all you need to know. You take a market that, while not perfect, functions reasonably well and satisfies most customers. Ignore the positives of that market and instead of “reforming” any problem areas…

Remembering the Gettysburg Address

One hundred and firty years ago today, US President Abraham Lincoln stood on a battlefield where just a few months earlier almost 50,000 men had lost their lives in the bloodiest of Civil War battles. President Lincoln came to dedicate the Soldiers’ National Cemetery and in just 10 sentences, summarized the Civil War  - a…

Mike Lee’s new, softer tone

I have long been dismayed at the anger and vitriolic name-calling exhibited by some members of the GOP towards others, including fellow Republicans with whom they disagree. “Squishes,” “RINOs,” “sell-outs,” the “surrender caucus” and my favorite, “traitor” are frequently hurled at those that do not agree 100% of the time with some arbitrary, yet un-defined…

ESPN’s “Coming Home”

soldier homecoming

I dare you to watch this compilation of coming home videos of our nation’s troops without tearing up. I dare you.

Rep. Gowdy to IRS: Start Over

This is not something that will be fixed with a webinar or some new training program. This is a “cultural, systemic, character, moral issue.” “I don’t think training’s gonna fix it. I think replacement might.”

Workshop: Women’s Voices-Getting Heard Above the Noise

Be Heard

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM Are you an entrepreneur? Active in politics? Have a family? Do you ever wonder how to more fully engage your audience? Or how to negotiate agreement, even in stressful situations? What about working with the media? Do you know what a killer press release entails?…

Meet-the-candidates Friday, April 26th


It has been my pleasure to serve the people of Utah county over the last 2 years as a member of the GOP State Central Committee.  I respectfully ask for your vote to continue serving on that committee.The State Central Committee is the governing and policy-making body of the Utah Republican party. Made up of…

Turns out, America WAS represented at Lady Thatcher’s funeral after all

Amanda Thatcher

In a snub that got noticed on both sides of the pond, President Obama declined to send any high-ranking members of his administration. Alrighty then. The good news is, a spunky Texan teen who happens to be Margaret Thatcher’s granddaughter, did a great job representing us. Amanda Thatcher captured international attention with her spot-on reading…