On Point: Primaries, 10th Circuit and SCOTUS

On Point June 25, 2014

Join Michelle Mumford and I and our guests Curt Bentley and Bill Duncan as we discuss Utah’s 2014 primary election results, the 10th Circuit ruling on same-gender marriage and 2 Supreme Court decisions: cell phone warrants and recess appointments.

Recap of Utah’s primaries, plus looking forward

I had the chance to join Glen Mills and the chair of Utah’s Democrat party, Mayor Peter Corroon on ABC4 to recap the 2014 primaries and take a look at the November match-ups. Take a look:

Debate #2

Debate 2

Kinda long at almost an hour and a half, but here is debate #2.

LD 57 Debate, 3/22/2014

On March 22, the 3 candidates for Utah House District 57 held their first debate. The room was packed – great turnout for an event a mere 2 days after caucus night. Here is the debate in its unfiltered entirety. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Part 1: Opening statements, Medicaid Part 2: Consensus building,…

Dan Liljenquist goes up with his first TV ad

The Deseret News, in a strongly worded editorial, agrees that Utah voters deserve the openness and transparency of a debate with both candidates side-by-side. The DNews says: “Voters have come to expect, and they deserve, an opportunity to see their candidates in open issue-oriented debate. Indeed, few skills are more important to the job of…

Momentum – Dan Liljenquist's got it!

Join us!

Essential Primer for Candidates in Utah

Essential Primer for Candidates in Utah

So – you’re considering running for office in Utah. Congratulations! (Or condolences, as the case may be.) In order to help you in your quest, I have compiled an all-important list if you are to be taken seriously as a candidate. In no particular order, here are the absolute essentials you must know: *That the…

Quick recap of last night's elections

Not many surprises at the top of the Utah ticket. Gary Herbert cruised to re-election over Peter Corroon with 64% of the vote AND, the Governor WON Salt Lake county by a 51-46 margin.  Kudos to the Herbert team for beating Corroon in his own backyard. Mike Lee won with 62% of the vote. Congressman…