Debate #2

Debate 2

Kinda long at almost an hour and a half, but here is debate #2.

LD 57 Debate, 3/22/2014

On March 22, the 3 candidates for Utah House District 57 held their first debate. The room was packed – great turnout for an event a mere 2 days after caucus night. Here is the debate in its unfiltered entirety. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Part 1: Opening statements, Medicaid Part 2: Consensus building,…

Dan Liljenquist goes up with his first TV ad

The Deseret News, in a strongly worded editorial, agrees that Utah voters deserve the openness and transparency of a debate with both candidates side-by-side. The DNews says: “Voters have come to expect, and they deserve, an opportunity to see their candidates in open issue-oriented debate. Indeed, few skills are more important to the job of…

Momentum – Dan Liljenquist's got it!

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Essential Primer for Candidates in Utah

Essential Primer for Candidates in Utah

So – you’re considering running for office in Utah. Congratulations! (Or condolences, as the case may be.) In order to help you in your quest, I have compiled an all-important list if you are to be taken seriously as a candidate. In no particular order, here are the absolute essentials you must know: *That the…

Quick recap of last night's elections

Not many surprises at the top of the Utah ticket. Gary Herbert cruised to re-election over Peter Corroon with 64% of the vote AND, the Governor WON Salt Lake county by a 51-46 margin.  Kudos to the Herbert team for beating Corroon in his own backyard. Mike Lee won with 62% of the vote. Congressman…

Meet Derek Brown

Meet Derek Brown

Derek Brown is the Republican candidate running for office in Utah House district 49. He has long been fascinated by the political process and this year decided it was time to step into the fray. He is running in a traditionally Republican district, but one where the seat is currently held by a Democrat labor…