Tips for easy following of the Utah legislature

The Utah legislature ranks among the best in the nation for state legislative transparency and ease of following the goings-on on Capitol Hill.

Here are 10 easy ways you can follow along with the legislative session, which also gives you info for some awesome small talk at dinner parties.

  1. Go to the award-winning legislative site: You can search for bills by topic, number or legislator.
  2. Track bills electronically.  Each time there is a change to the wording and each time it is scheduled to be discussed in committee or on the floor, you get notified.
  3. Listen to committee meetings live or later.  All of them are recorded and saved. and choose the committee you would like to listen to.
  4. Watch every floor time, House or Senate, live or later
  5. Follow the reading calendars on your PC or Mac here: and on your mobile here:
  6. Read emails that legislators have made public here:  It gives you a good idea of how many and what type of emails legislators are getting.
  7. Twitter is especially valuable during the session. Several legislators tweet actively, as well as @UtahReps and @UtahSenate.  Follow along by using the hashtag #utpol
  8. Also, check out @UTLEGTracker – an automated Twitter account that will tweet real-time updates of legislative action.
  9. Follow political blogs like UtahPoliticoHub and 45Politics.
  10. Check out the Senate cloud for all things social media on the Senate side. It’s pretty awesome.

If that’s not enough, there is always the traditional media.  So what are you waiting for?!