Angry and defiant, John Swallow attacks House investigator

punchAfter a devastating committee hearing about missing data earlier this week, Utah Attorney General went on the Doug Wright show to give his side of the story. (You can listen to the entire hour right here.)

Here’s a little spoiler: One of the best lines of the interview was this: “Maybe I suffer from a little bit of a lack of credibility right now.”

He started off angry and combative, when asked about data going missing, from all electronic devices, raising his voice to tell Doug Wright that of course he deletes his email – he could get a virus or something – and asking Doug if HE could retrieve emails from 2011. Mr. Wright answered that yes, he could in fact go back and get emails from a couple of years ago.

He said he was “shocked” that the committee seemed to think that the AG’s office is not taking the investigation seriously and said this just goes straight to the point he tried to make before the committee existed, that this investigation could go “very scary and very political, very fast.”

Swallow then started yelling that any intimation that he is not cooperating is “disingenous” and a disservice to the people of Utah and the members of the committee.  He asserts he is “cooperating fully” while neglecting to mention that he and his attorney Rod Snow refuse to turn over hard drives that are in the hands of a private computer consultant, among other things.

Doug Wright asked about the lack of a document hold. Mr Swallow pivoted and said that the investigators had questionable motives which were “calulating” and deliberately meant to “inflame and enrage” the House committee members so that they would continue to pay Mr. Reich’s fees. Then he talked about bribing Harry Reid, while attacking the House committee, a group which “started this investigation in good faith” but has now become a “political” investigation.

When asked about lead investigator Steven Reich’s comment: “”I will tell you that the scope of the data loss here is not anything that I have seen before,” Swallow began to impugn the integrity and experience of Mr. Reich. Swallow admitted he had “no idea what [Reich’s] experience in life is but it seems like an outrageous, even inflammatory statement to say ‘I’ve never seen anything like that in my career’ unless you haven’t had a very long or very extensive career.”

Let’s talk about that. Mr. Reich graduated with honors from Columbia Law School almost 30 years ago. Mr. Reich has been recognized as a leading white collar defense practitioner by multiple publications.

He has worked on two impeachment cases. was selected to serve as chief counsel to a committee of the Connecticut legislature considering impeachment of that state’s Governor and won won national acclaim for his handling of the case. That included eight days of televised witness examinations and evidence presentation, with the New York Times calling his performance in that high-profile matter “authoritative” in a front-page article.

Previous to that, he worked on the Clinton impeachment. In the Tribune’s profile piece earlier this fall, Reich was called “tenacious, detail-oriented lawyer adept at distilling mountains of minutiae into a concise and fair set of facts.”

Julian Epstein, who hired Reich as an investigator for the impeachment of President Clinton said: “If I were to name the top five attorneys I’ve ever worked with, he would definitely be on the list.  He’s probably the most rigorous attorney I’ve ever worked with.”


Now what was that you were saying, Mr. Swallow about “unqualified” and “short careers“?



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  1. He’s gotta think that no one out there does their homework…and that everyone is a stupid as he treats them.


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