Best ways to stay busy once a campaign is over

free timeHundred-hour work weeks.  High stakes. High drama. Even if you’re just running for PTA president, campaigns are intense.

Then, it all comes to end.

If you won, congrats! You’ll be busy getting to know the ropes for your new position.

If you didn’t, well, you suddenly have a lot of time on your hands (or so it seems).

What’s a person to do?!?

Here are some ideas:

14Celebrate National Belly Dance Day, which, not coincidentally, is also Stay Up All Night Day.

13. Sleep in. Especially after belly dancing all night.

12. Do the taxes you put off while campaigning.

11. Paint a room (or more than one) in your house.

10. Garden.

09. Read a book or 10. (I may or may not have started and finished more than 10 in the last 2 weeks.)

08. Get a new pet.

07. Add a new child.

06. Volunteer to be the room parent for next year, while you still have lots of time and energy.

05. Go back to school.

04. Start writing that book you’ve been meaning to for the last 20 years. OK, last 10, at least.

03. Sew medieval re-enactment clothing for the entire family.

02. Re-organize and re-decorate your master bedroom.

01. Get a new job.


Even better, do some combination of all of the above.

Can you guess how many I’ve done in the last 4 weeks?



  1. I gotta know: what did you name the pet?

  2. Hey Holly, you could always watch the Rachel Maddow Show from 7 to 8 weekdays and practice exercising your mind by trying to open it just a little bit. You just might learn something peeking outside the “bubble” that is conservative-think.

    The answer is you have done all of those in the past 4 weeks and you just have to boast about it in public. Too bad you got a taste of the jerks in your own party during the last election. Maybe now you know how democrats have felt for years.

    • JBT, I think there is almost a quasi-compliment in there. No, I haven’t done all these, although I find it somewhat amusing that you would think I had. I’ve lived and traveled all over the world, am widely read and have friends across the political spectrum. I don’t think I’m trapped in a bubble, blind to the outside world. Remember, I said I’m conservative, not crazy. 🙂 Ideological chest-thumping doesn’t actually get anything done – unless making enemies and looking/sounding foolish is your goal.

      I didn’t add a kid or a pet. My taxes were done the first week of February. I didn’t pull an all-nighter or go belly dancing. I did not volunteer to be the room parent next year (btdt multiple times) and I haven’t started writing a book although I have several in my head. So there ya go.

  3. Climate change, reality or hoax? Affordable Care Act, success or failure ? Humans a product of evolution and natural selection true or false? Obama has lowered deficits every year, yes or no?

    Any second choice answer means you are living inside the bubble and getting all of your so called facts from the Republican Conservative spin machine.

    If supporting Mia Love who would abolish the U.S. Department of Education is not CRAZY then I don’t know what is. 🙂