Carly Fiorina on the ballot in New Hampshire

Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has officially filed to be on the ballot in New Hampshire – and hopefully soon, 49 others as well.

I continue to be impressed at her ability to remain unflappable in the face of some pretty nasty jabs thrown her way. Take the ladies from “The View” – they called her looks “demonic” and mocked her for her smile. She responded by redirecting the conversation back to the topics that matter.

“Frankly, I’m tried of being insulted by liberal feminists who talk about women’s issues when the reality is every issue is a woman’s issue — from the economy to ISIS to Russia to healthcare to education to the national debt — women care about all of that. So, I am really sorry that I don’t agree with the women of “The View.” Nevertheless, I am going to continue to stand up, stand strong, talk about what I believe in, and I am Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare as a result.”

A recent article called her response classy, strong and precise. Another one called her firm, forceful and formidable, as they talked about voters getting the “sense that she is not one of these typical politicians relying on handlers to tell her what to say and to protect her from herself.” Refreshing. Fascinating, even. (But not in a Donald Trump kind of way – he’s still as fascinating as a train wreck.)

Win or lose (and I hope she wins), I believe Carly’s messaging and composure will be the topic of many a poli-sci class in the future. I look forward to tonight’s debate. I can say with confidence – she’s going to rock it.