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This poor neglected blog shows evidence of the shifting focus I have made over the last year.  I still write about Utah politics – every once in a while. I am also writing about self-care for women, humanitarian service and “lifting where we stand” over on my new website,

There, I share with you my AHA! moment in the mountains of Nepal – and how cliché, right?! Enlightenment in Nepal….haha. True story, though.

I specifically want to focus on helping people discover their calling, find their voice and live a bigger story. We are all here to make a difference. I believe that to my toes. How we do it will vary person to person and even for the same person based on where they are in their lives, but we are all here to shine. I especially want to help women make time for themselves.

In the last year, I graduated cum laude from Utah Valley University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, emphasis in Public Relations. I am now half-way through a Masters program in Professional Communication through Southern Utah University. I work with Dr. Susan Madsen at UVU as the coordinator for their Utah Women and Education Initiative, encouraging women to not only attend school after high school but to graduate as well.

In January 2017, I started writing regular opinion pieces for the Salt Lake Tribune. I started with a column on needing more women in politics and have written on my opposition to increasing the tax on food and to the blanket refugee ban. I also wrote a column on why Utah women should finish their degrees and it really struck a chord. In Utah, we’re all about motherhood, but it’s not a binary choice between motherhood and education. We really can do both.

I invite you to connect with me on my new website and on social media where I am still Holly on the Hill.

Thank you for the many years you have followed me, read what I’ve written, disagreed with me, pushed me to be better and have otherwise connected with me. I truly appreciate it.

Much love ~ Holly on the Hill