Countdown continues: 5 days left, 5 bills you probably haven’t heard of

5The countdown continues to the end of the 2015 legislative session.

Here are 5 bills you may not have heard of.

S.B. 89 Aquatic Invasive Species Fee
This bill imposes a fee on certain motorboats and sailboats. This bill provides that the fees be used for the purpose of aquatic invasive species interdiction.
This bill is waiting for the Governor’s signature.

HB 432 Historic Pioneer Trail Preservation
This bill defines “historic trail,” requires the Division of Parks and Recreation to develop and maintain an inventory of historic trails within the state; and requires the division to report on the inventory and include recommendations and
cost estimates to maintain historic trails and make recommended improvements.
This bill has passed one committee but with a half-a-million dollar fiscal note over 2 years, I doubt this bill will become law.

HB 435 Obesity
This bill requires the Public Employees Health Plan to report to the Health and Human Services Interim Committee regarding the costs of obesity and outlines the requirements of the report.
This bill has not yet had a committee hearing. If it’s going to pass this session, it is going to have to be fast-tracked.

HB 400 Charges for Medical Records
This bill increases amounts a person may be charged for copies of medical records and provides that the amount shall be adjusted annually based on a formula tied to the Consumer Price Index.
This bill is waiting to be heard in the Senate.

HB 245 Incorporation Process for Cities and Towns
This bill requires the lieutenant governor, rather than a county, to facilitate proceedings for and pay for the expenses incurred from the incorporation of a city or town, removes obsolete language and requires a newly incorporated city or town to reimburse the lieutenant governor for incorporation expenses.
This bill is on the Senate consent calendar.