Derek Miller – the man who could be LG

Derek MillerThree years ago, I wrote a piece about a smart up-and-comer named Derek Miller. At the time, Derek was the Deputy Director of GOED. Less than 2 weeks later, Derek was named the Chief of Staff for Governor Gary Herbert.

Now, his name tops the list of those rumored to become the next Lt Governor for the great state of Utah.  In fact, he was given a shout-out at the recent Governor’s Gala, joined the Governor and Lt Governor on stage and the next day was called the third member of a “trifecta” by Greg Bell.  If that’s not a strong indication of where Governor Herbert is looking, I don’t know what is.

It’s unusual to look to a chief of staff to become a Lt. Governor, but there are reasons that make sense for Governor Herbert to consider Derek.

Derek has been deeply involved in policy discussions for his entire tenure with the Hebert/Bell administration – and it was not the first time.  He has degrees in law and public administration and spent several years in DC rooting out inefficiencies (where there is a never-ending supply) and eliminating waste, fraud and abuse. He was also deeply involved with policy and legislation regarding transportation at the federal level.

In Utah, he became the Director of the Division of Real Estate, streamlining operations there, then joined the Governor’s Office of Economic Development in 2008.  He joined the Herbert adminstration in December of 2011.

He is someone that clearly works well with Governor Herbert, who understands policy and is on board with the Governor’s vision for the future. His wife Laura would be an excellent “2nd Lady” as well.

If he is chosen as LG, I expect Ally Isom to become the new chief of staff. She’s an excellent choice.

Rumors are, we’ll hear today……

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  1. Chris Sloan says:

    Derek would be an excellent choice. I watched what he did with the Division of Real Estate, taking a department that was lousy, and turning it into one that was so efficient, that our license fees actually dropped! We brought the same talents to GOED, and has been an excellent COS. Ally would be a great replacement!

  2. I absolutely agree. Derek would be a great choice on all accounts.

  3. Lisa M Shepherd says:

    Derek seems to be a refreshing choice.