Integrity is not partisan

integrityWe often hear that people in public office are “held to high(er) standards” and it’s true. Frankly, I wish that we all held ourselves to high standards and that those “high standards” of honesty and integrity were just good old fashioned common everyday standards, but I suppose that’s a topic for another day.

There is no question, however, that integrity for those in public office should apply across the board. Integrity is not partisan and frankly, should know no boundaries. People often attack the integrity of elected officials because they know it’s one of the ways to get the most traction.

Utah’s been in the news again – or more specifically, its Attorney General has been – and not in a good way. I don’t know if this is a personal vendetta against Mr. Swallow by Mr. Johnson, or if this is an attempted bribery case being swept under the rug or some combination of scenarios but I do know this: it does not look good and it is more than just smoke and mirrors.

Mr. Swallow deserves a fair and unbiased investigation into the whole tangled mess – and so do the people of Utah. There is no way the AG’s office can launch a fair investigation into these allegations. No way. Even if the investigator is the most ethical, unbiased person on the planet, it just doesn’t pass the smell test. We need an outside investigation and the sooner the better, for all concerned.

I hope it’s much ado about nothing. I hope our Attorney General is not embroiled in unethical or even illegal behavior. I hope this will be cleared up quickly and I hope everyone involved will do the right thing.

I really do.


  1. Maryann Martindale says:

    Well said. No matter what party, religion, affiliation, etc., a claim of this magnitude deserves a thorough investigation.

  2. I agree on all counts, Holly.

  3. Frankly, the best strategy that anyone could give Mr. Swallow right now is to call for a full and independent investigation. Sunlight can only be his friend…unless he really did do something wrong.

    On the other hand, this pattern of “Deny, deny, deny” is only going to get him in trouble.

  4. Holly, you were the first one to speak logically on the Kevin Garn situation in the Utah House. You’re doing the same here. Very well said.

  5. rmwarnick says:

    I agree 100 percent. At best, it’s a murky set of circumstances that became public apparently by accident. This definitely calls for an outside investigation.


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