Meet my best cheerleader

Greg and Holly I’d like to introduce myself and my husband, Greg, who is the best cheerleader I could ask for.
I am a wife, mother, speaker, author, voracious reader, lover of the color pink and passionate about public service.

I graduated from BYU’s nursing school as an RN in 1984. In addition to the best job – being a mom – I’ve been an adjunct professor at BYU, a small business owner, a doula, midwife, communications director, social media consultant and more.

Greg and I met at in a BYU LDS ward in the mid 1980’s. We have been married for 30 years this coming April and look forward to many more years together.

Greg is a software architect for the LDS church, working on FamilySearch. He has also worked at WordPerfect, Corel and Novell. He loves puzzles and wood-working but most of all, he loves being a Dad.  He is also my biggest cheerleader.

“Holly is a remarkable woman, with boundless energy and dedication. In addition to caring for our large family, I have watched her in her political service. She is always looking for win/win solutions and has been remarkably effective at building coalitions and getting things done. I couldn’t be more proud of her, or a bigger supporter.”  — Greg Richardson

We bought our first and second homes in Orem, then bought a home moved to Alpine in 1999. We enjoyed our 4 1/2 years there and then moved to Pleasant Grove in 2003, where we have lived ever since.

Greg and I love to go camping with our family, are both master gardeners and both enjoy cooking.

We make a great team and look forward to the campaign trail!