My Guiding Principles

I have so enjoyed meeting and talking with people over the last couple of weeks. I believe delegates and voters alike should never settle for spin, hype or bumper-sticker politics.  As I meet with people, there are some common questions that arise, especially about my guiding principles and how I will make decisions. I have included my responses below. I believe in deeper dialogue and look forward to more meaninful discussions with you about the role of a state senator and my vision for a strong and prosperous Utah.

What is the proper role of government?

I believe the proper role of government is Constitutionally limited at all levels, meaning the federal government should not dictate to the state, but the state should also not dictate to municipalities, nor municipalities to individuals except as it applies to the safety and welfare of its citizens and certain infrastructure needs. I subscribe to the approach taken by Sutherland Institute’s founder, Gaylord Swim: “This process requires strong advocates, certainly, but it also takes a counter-balancing sense of humility, civility, and dialogue.”

What do you hope to leave as a legacy if you obtain the desired office?

I hope people will say “She always stood for family.

Richardson Family 2014What do you consider the four most important principles that undergird your political philosophy?

1- Strong families are the cornerstone of our society,

2- Fiscal conservatism

3- Limited government

4- Religious freedom must be protected

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

I am truly committed to Constitutionally grounded public service. I don’t just talk about serving, I live it. Our family motto for years has been “Because I have been given much, I too must give.” I have served locally, state-wide, nationally and internationally. In or out of office, I will continue to serve. It doesn’t just happen during campaign season.

I have experience standing on principle to get controversial legislation passed and I did it by finding common ground and working with others, not by burning bridges, shaming or blaming. I welcome input from all parties.

I have a diverse background – healthcare, education, communication and public policy, as well as many years of experience being a mom. I bring a strong voice to Capitol Hill, one that has been missing in the dialogue. I’m not afraid to use it.

I have years of experience speaking up when others would not, calling for integrity in our elected officials when others told me to sit down and stop rocking the boat, that questionable behavior in our elected officials was the norm, or that being entangled with lobbyists is desirable. Not to me. I believe elected officials should be held to the highest standard. I’ve been willing to say it and to live it.

I won’t campaign any differently in the primary process than I will during the convention process. I believe it’s pandering to tell delegates one thing and primary voters something else. I am committed to honesty, to openness and transparency and especially to ongoing communication with the people of District 14. Communication is not something I start up during campaign season and then leave until the next campaign.

Finally, I believe in this state and its people! We are on a great trajectory and as we continue to move forward, I believe we will continue to be a light to the rest of the nation. I reject the notion that we must live in fear and worry and pass legislation based on fear. This district is filled with good people, with strong families, who are making good choices for those families. As your state Senator, I will always stand strong in supporting family, and will do it from a place of love and service, not fear and anger.

If these resonate with you, I’d like to ask you to contact delegates in your area and urge them to support me at the GOP county convention on April 16th. Together, we can bring about a better tomorrow, the Utah Way.