The ongoing Swallow saga

john-swallowLast week, at one minute after midnight, John Swallow resigned as Utah’s Attorney General, leaving chaos and relief in his wake.

Defiant to the end of his tenure, he left the office angry and accusatory, loudly proclaiming his innocence.

The state can now move forward with the clean-up and stabilization of the AG’s office, but the ride is not over for Mr. Swallow.

In a (very) rare Saturday morning committee meeting, the House investigative committee revealed that yet ANOTHER electronic device has gone missing from Mr. Swallow’s possession. Apparently, he backed up all of his data on an external hard drive, then promptly lost it on an airplane.

I don’t know about you, but my external hard drive doesn’t travel with me, and would even be less likely to do so if I had a propensity to lose my devices……

If you are counting, that is now 7 devices lost or destroyed.  It does NOT include deleted emails, scrubbed calendar entries and a back-up tape that got over-written.  Those seven devices are his laptop, desktop, his PDA, cell phone, home PC, iPad and external hard drive. Not sure even Lloyd’s of London would ensure his devices now…..

Additionally, there are still ongoing investigations with FBI involvement, two county attorneys and the state bar. The Lt Governor’s office wrapped up their investigation and found “probable cause” and a concerning pattern of behavior with campaign finance disclosures.

The House investigative committee is set to present their findings to the public in two all-day meetings on December 19 and 20. As with every other time the committee has summarized its findings, I am quite sure that there will be new information that surfaces.

Mr. Swallow has taken the citizens of Utah for a merry ride. His, however, is just beginning.

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  1. Holly, you knew he was crooked long before the investigative committee started turning over rocks and finding snakes. How did you know? Did you have insider information, as Sean Reyes and Troy Rawlins appear to have had, or do you just have an extraordinary BS detector? Maybe you knew he was part of some good-old-boy network or something…

    I remember one of Swallow’s campaign events. He seemed reasonable and competent to me. I remember on older lady (older than me, anyway) gushing over him: “Isn’t he wonderful!” I considered donating to his campaign. Wow, did I ever get taken.

    I don’t want to be a delegate any more. I’m not a good enough judge of character. I don’t have a good BS detector.

    I feel sorry for his wife and family. He really needs to stop the charade and quit digging.

    • Pops, I think I do have a heightened BS meter. I also had been on the campaign trail the same time he was, so I had an insider view few others got. Don’t beat yourself up – a lot of people were taken in by him…..