Senate leadership race

Utah’s Republican Senators decided to keep their leadership team intact for the next two years. Dan Liljenquist (R-Davis)challenged sitting president Michael Waddoups, breaking with the “tradition” that says each President gets at least 4 years once elected to keep their seat. Majority leader Jenkins was challenged by Senator Bramble, Senator Niederhauser was unopposed as the Majority Whip and Assistant Whip Knudson was challenged by Senator Urquhart.

Speaking to today’s race, President Waddoups said he did not feel that the challenges to leadership positions were a mandate from the body to move to the right or become more conservative. He did say he felt the challenges were a chance to ask for some improvement, including more transparency in the budget process.

President Waddoups also introduced Utah’s newest Republican Senator, Daniel Thatcher, who defeated Democrat Brent Goodfellow on Tuesday.

Expect changes in the appointed leadership positions.


  1. Good conservative choices!

  2. Waddoups more of a fiscal conservative than Liljenquist? You’re joking, right?