Senator Liljenquist vying for top Senate spot

This morning, Ric Cantrell, Chief Deputy of the Utah Senate, confirmed that Senator Dan Liljenquist (R-Davis) filed to run for President of the Senate. Known for his willingness to tackle tough issues like pension and Medicaid reform, Liljenquist is a rising star on both the state and national scene.

Until the story broke yesterday, current President Michael Waddoups seemed on track to cruise to re-election. Waddoups was elected in 2008, ousting then-president John Valentine by one vote.

Senator Liljenquist has remarked in the past that he “came to the Senate to get things done.” He took on reforming the state retirement program earlier this year when it became clear the pension system was unsustainable. He is now working on reforming Medicaid, another system currently on-track to bankrupt our state in a few short years.

Leadership elections for both the House and Senate will be held Thursday, November 4th in closed caucuses.


  1. The election itself is only open to State Senators, but we’ll tweet the results when it’s over. Look for it around 5:00 p.m. on Thursday.

  2. hollyonthehill says:

    Plus, I’ll be there of course!!

  3. Joel Wright says:

    I think both the Senate and House would be well served by rotating Leadership every two years. That way, no one can make either Legislative body their own kingdom.

    It takes some real guts to run against the President of your own body. Kudos to Dan for having the guts to do so.

  4. Dan can sing and isn’t afraid to laugh at himself.