What mattered in the 2012 election cycle

It’s been almost 3 weeks since the general election of 2012 finally, painfully, blessedly, wrapped up. For some reason, we as Republicans seem loathe to do the type of introspection that is healthy after a loss. Perhaps it’s because there’s a fine-line between learning from your experiences and placing blame when things don’t go as…

A post-election conversation

The day after the election, I joined host Doug Fabrizio, Kirk Jowers, Quin Monson, Robert Gehrke and Jim Dabakis for an hour-long discussion of the 2012 elections. Listen in here, then let me know what you think.

The Day After

To say last night was disappointing would truly be an understatement. Romney lost, Mia Love lost. Dang it. There were lots of other bummers and some nice bright spots….but that’s another post. It’s also been disappointing and a bummer to see what has happened today: Gloating and some amazing armchair quarter-backing, both locally and nationally….

Romney: We're doing this for something bigger than ourselves

The contrasts could not be clearer.

We need a strong America

Matheson tries to mislead voters again.

In a last-ditch, desperate attempt to cling to power, Congressman Jim Matheson sent one final mailer. Did it include his plan for the future? A list of the issues Utah could count on him to champion? Even a tally of everything he got accomplished during the last 12 years? Of course not! He tried once…

Mitt Romney: Vote for love of country. Obama: Vote for revenge

Clear differences. Vote for the grown-up on Tuesday. Vote Mitt Romney.

ICYMI: 4 yo in tears over Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney

Now really – who DOESN’T feel this way?! (At least a little!)