Curt Bramble’s caucus preservation bill

This morning in the Senate Business and Labor committee, Senator Curt Bramble presented SB54, officially titled “Elections Amendments“. This bill, which I support, has been in the news lately as a legislative fix to concerns with the caucus/convention system and as an alternative to Count My Vote, a proposal that many say is sloppy and…

Dan Liljenquist goes up with his first TV ad

The Deseret News, in a strongly worded editorial, agrees that Utah voters deserve the openness and transparency of a debate with both candidates side-by-side. The DNews says: “Voters have come to expect, and they deserve, an opportunity to see their candidates in open issue-oriented debate. Indeed, few skills are more important to the job of…

Dan Liljenquist's convention speech

Doing the impossible: forcing Orrin Hatch to a primary

Two years ago, GOP delegates to the state convention knocked off Senator Bob Bennett, sending now-Senator Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater to a primary.  Orrin Hatch started his campaign for an unprecedented 7th term that very day. The Hatch campaign polled delegates and realized they could not win with that group, so they launched a…

Orrin in his own words

“We must work to assist in the dismissal of many others who have been dominating our country for years and running us into bankruptcy.” “Give the people of Utah a choice. We must have a change.” Amen.

Momentum – Dan Liljenquist's got it!

Join us!

Dan Liljenquist: Politics and Hungry, Hungry Hippos

Our politics have become a high-stakes game of Hungry, Hungry Hippos.      It’s time for that to change. We need more of the “Audacity of Nope.”  

I resigned today

This morning, I tendered my resignation as a member of the Utah House of Representatives to join the Dan Liljenquist for US Senate campaign. It has been an honor to serve the people of District 57. I thank them for allowing me to serve them for the past year. I have SO enjoyed the opportunity…