“On Point,” March 3, 2014

On this episode, I am joined by state Senator Deidre Henderson (Senate District 7) to discuss “ghost students,” the Attorney General investigation and increased government transparency. )

“On Point,” January 31, 2014

This week’s episode features yours truly, Michelle Mumford, Heather Groom, and Senators Luz Robles and Deidre Henderson. We talked about the tragic shooting death of Officer Cory Wride, school lunches in trash cans and the State of the State address.

“On Point”, Utah’s first all-female political show

I had the opportunity today to record the first “On Point” show with Senator Deidre Henderson and Michelle Mumford. ¬†We talked about corruption, transparency, dark money, funding roads and a bit about education. Check it out and tune in next week. I am really excited about this! I look forward to talking with many women…

Women in Utah politics still have a long way to go

This morning, I got a phone call from a good friend of mine, telling me what had just happened at a fundraising breakfast. President Wayne Niederhauser called a (married) female legislator out of the audience and asked her to come to the stage to answer a question in front of about 500 people. As she…

Meet Deidre Henderson

In 2007, the youngest Deidre Henderson’s kids went off to preschool. Long interested in politics, she decided she was ready to turn that interest into activism. In January 2008, she went to her first cottage meeting and met Jason Chaffetz, a long-shot running against a 12-year incumbent. The day after that first cottage meeting, she…