“On Point” Feb 14, 2014

This week, I am joined by Michelle Mumford, Karen Peterson and Heather Groom to discuss Count My Vote and SB 54 plus a variety of topics touching education. Join us!

The brave new world of digital natives

We have been hearing a lot lately about education funding, WPUs, and one-to-one but we haven’t spent as much time talking about those who really matter: the kids. Those kids who are already in the school system and those who will be entering it in the next few years have a distinct advantage over those…

Matheson attacking Love for wanting to restrain government

Matheson’s latest negative attack ad against Mayor Mia Love goes after her for wanting to rein in out-of-control spending and limit the federal government‘s involvement in education. Isn’t Jim a limited government fiscal conservative? That’s how he has always campaigned…. I guess when the polls put him down 6 points or more – and still…

Pro-Choice. Unless it’s education, food, or belonging to a union.

Oy. “I’m pro-intervention.”