Top Ten Tips for Emailing Legislators

Eight days are left in the 2014 legislative session and legislators are getting swamped. Here are a few tips to help your voice be heard as you contact your legislators. 1. Make your subject line as descriptive as possible. “Vote NO” is not actually descriptive. “Please vote yes on HB105, the plant extract bill” is…

“On Point” Feb 14, 2014

This week, I am joined by Michelle Mumford, Karen Peterson and Heather Groom to discuss Count My Vote and SB 54 plus a variety of topics touching education. Join us!

Curt Bramble’s caucus preservation bill

This morning in the Senate Business and Labor committee, Senator Curt Bramble presented SB54, officially titled “Elections Amendments“. This bill, which I support, has been in the news lately as a legislative fix to concerns with the caucus/convention system and as an alternative to Count My Vote, a proposal that many say is sloppy and…

John Swallow’s unrecoverable hard drive recovered

The House investigative committee met again to discuss potential legislation resulting from the Swallow investigation. ¬†They discussed several different bills (including one that beefs up the section of code that deals with organized crime!!) but one of the most important bits of information came at the end of the meeting. Chairman Jim Dunnigan spoke to…

The brave new world of digital natives

We have been hearing a lot lately about education funding, WPUs, and one-to-one but we haven’t spent as much time talking about those who really matter: the kids. Those kids who are already in the school system and those who will be entering it in the next few years have a distinct advantage over those…

On Point, Feb 6, 2014

Michelle Mumford, Brooke Adams and I delve into prison relocation, recidivism and the Amendment 3 appeal.

“On Point,” January 31, 2014

This week’s episode features yours truly, Michelle Mumford, Heather Groom, and Senators Luz Robles and Deidre Henderson. We talked about the tragic shooting death of Officer Cory Wride, school lunches in trash cans and the State of the State address.

On Point, Jan 24, 2014

On today’s show, Michelle Mumford and I are joined by Traci Gunderson, formerly with the Utah Department of Commerce and currently with Draper City and Tami Pyfer, former chair of the Utah state school board and the newly appointed statewide Director of Education.