On Point, Feb 6, 2014

Michelle Mumford, Brooke Adams and I delve into prison relocation, recidivism and the Amendment 3 appeal.

“On Point,” January 31, 2014

This week’s episode features yours truly, Michelle Mumford, Heather Groom, and Senators Luz Robles and Deidre Henderson. We talked about the tragic shooting death of Officer Cory Wride, school lunches in trash cans and the State of the State address.

“On Point”, Utah’s first all-female political show

I had the opportunity today to record the first “On Point” show with Senator Deidre Henderson and Michelle Mumford.  We talked about corruption, transparency, dark money, funding roads and a bit about education. Check it out and tune in next week. I am really excited about this! I look forward to talking with many women…

Oops! Rep Frank doesn't live in his district

Due to some errors between the county maps and the state maps, Representative Craig Frank does not, in fact, live in his district and has not for two elections.  The county maps made it look like his Cedar Hill home was in Legislative District 57, but in fact he was actually in 27.  The error…