There’s more to me than politics

It surely must come as a shock to some people that there is more to me than political punditry. After all, Holly on the Hill is pretty branded to one issue. Some of those other aspects have been grabbing more of my time and attention lately. I’m also Holly in the Home, Holly the Humanitarian,…

On Point: Primaries, 10th Circuit and SCOTUS

Join Michelle Mumford and I and our guests Curt Bentley and Bill Duncan as we discuss Utah’s 2014 primary election results, the 10th Circuit ruling on same-gender marriage and 2 Supreme Court decisions: cell phone warrants and recess appointments.

“On Point” with women on the Hill

My favorite “On Point” so far! I talked to women legislators of both parties and from both House and Senate on the last day of the 2014 session. They shared some of their frustrations, their surprises, their high points and some comments on women in politics. Join me as I visit with Senator Pat Jones,…

“On Point,” March 3, 2014

On this episode, I am joined by state Senator Deidre Henderson (Senate District 7) to discuss “ghost students,” the Attorney General investigation and increased government transparency. )

Twitter tips for politicos

I keep saying this: Twitter is where it’s at for a quick summary of the news. ┬áIt is a great political tool and slowly but surely, more elected officials are embracing it. Here are my Top Ten Tips for using Twitter.

50 ways to kill a bill

Paul Simon had 50 Ways to Leave your Lover. Train has 50 Ways to Say Goodbye. And the Utah legislature has 50 Ways to Kill a Bill.     You can make a new plan, Stan. So, *Slap a huge fiscal note on the bill. *Hold it in rules. *Table it. *Circle it. *Offend someone…

“On Point” Feb 21, 2014

Join me and Heather Groom as we discuss education, dual-enrollment and the best bill on the Hill!

“On Point” Feb 14, 2014

This week, I am joined by Michelle Mumford, Karen Peterson and Heather Groom to discuss Count My Vote and SB 54 plus a variety of topics touching education. Join us!