There’s more to me than politics

Katie and Alice

My daughter Katie with Alice, who is dying of HIV/AIDS

It surely must come as a shock to some people that there is more to me than political punditry. After all, Holly on the Hill is pretty branded to one issue.

Some of those other aspects have been grabbing more of my time and attention lately. I’m also Holly in the Home, Holly the Humanitarian, Holly on Women’s Leadership (not nearly as catchy, I’m afraid), Holly the Seamstress and even Holly the Midwife. (I could probably change that to Holly and Homebirth…..)

I’m also Holly the Student, in school at UVU to finish a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. My RN training was an Associate’s degree from BYU some 30 years ago. Time to finish the BS part (although let’s be honest – I’m in politics and there’s plenty of BS there…) With a very full load for the next two semesters, I’ll graduate in April. Yay! (My kids LOVE that I have homework. Especially math homework…I guess that makes me Holly with Homework.)

I’m Mom, Grandma, wife, sister, friend. I wear “busy” like a badge of honor, although I swear I’m trying to change that. In the meantime…..I have 10 boxes of peaches sitting on my floor waiting for me to can them and a garden full of tomatoes that will end up in jars. UPDATE: In the 4 5 days and 10 12 different computer sessions it took to draft this post, the peaches got canned – 77 quarts. Now we have jam to do.

This past May, 3 of my children graduated from high school. One of them spent 5 weeks with me this summer in Africa and Europe and the other two are working on launching their own lives, working full-time, with one foot out the door, but the other one still at home, where the rent is free and the food is plentiful.

We are down to “just” 7 at home – 6 of them are in High School and one in 6th grade. (So different than a few years ago with twenty at home, ages 1-17!)  We have sports and driver’s ed and dating and dances and ACT prep classes and friends and more homework and even some teenage drama. I know you’re shocked.

I’ve also started doing more speaking and I love it. I spoke to 350 young women at Girls State on Leadership earlier this summer. I am speaking this fall to a variety of groups, from LDS Relief Societies to an American Mothers group to a GOP women’s group and hopefully more. (Psst: Need a speaker?? Let me know!)

Since my schedule wasn’t full enough, I’ve started writing my first e-book. I’ve also started multiple blog posts. I haven’t finished all that many recently, but my “Drafts” folder is robust. I have 78 draft blog posts waiting to be finished. A good chunk of them are book reviews. I LOVE reading, but it’s been harder to sit and write a review than I had hoped. But, the promise of a review is there… There are also several drafts of posts I started with my thoughts on turning 50. That was in December……

Summer zipped by (5 weeks out of the country will do that to you) and for the last two weeks, we’ve been getting kids ready for back-to-school. Fees, supplies, clothes to fit bodies that grew over the summer, eye Dr. appointments, orthodontist visits and school schedule changes. Some things did get overlooked, however. Today, on the first day of school, I ran out of gas in the school parking lot. Oops. But, the kids all made it on time so Mom for the win! Yay!

Back to the question some people have been asking. Am I “out” of politics? Of course not. It’s in my blood. But, I’m tired of the swamp. I’m tired of the extreme negativity of campaigns, even on the city council level. I’m tired of seeing so many people who will “do whatever it takes” to win, tossing former cherished values aside in the quest for victory. I am tired of seeing good people have power go to their heads and watch it change them in unhealthy, unhappy ways. I’m tired of purity politics and litmus tests and witch hunts. I am quite certain that is NOT the brand of politics the Founding Father envisioned as they drafted the compromise bill we now call the Constitution.

We have lost so much as a society over the past couple of decades. Civility and room for differing opinions are two of the things that have been relegated to the history books as bygones from a different era. I’m tired of hearing how we “need more women” involved in politics and only 5% of the Utah House GOP members are women. (For a state which was #2 in granting women the right to vote and run for office decades before the rest of the nation, we’ve come a long way. And not in a good way.) I’m embarrassed that at my own party’s convention last week, several delegates told the ladies at the “Real Women Run” booth that there was no place for women in politics. I’m sad to see good people NOT run for office because of the swamp it has become. I’m sad to see that the “price” of running is flogging in the public square. I could go on – I’m just getting up a good head of steam – but it’s 1 am and after 5 days of trying, I just need to get this thing published. Seriously.

For my own well-being, I know I need to do and share more things that make me happy. I need to spend less time in the muck. It distresses me and frustrates me.

I hope to share here and elsewhere some of the other parts of my life. I want to try new platforms and hope to add Periscoping and podcasting to my repertoire. I don’t know yet where this expanding and exploring will lead, but I do hope you’ll join me in the journey.

And ps: I’d love to hear from you – even if it’s about politics. 🙂


  1. Andy Rasmussen says:

    Holly, you need your own TV show! America could use your brand of energy and inspiration! Maybe a YouTube channel?
    Sorry I missed you at convention; hope to see you soon. Sat nam.

    • Thanks, Andy! I might start using Periscope, but I always wonder what could be so interesting that people would actually want to watch it! I am staying on the meditation wagon but I need to get back on the yoga wagon. 🙂

  2. Holly – I’m exhausted reading this – and I consider myself and especially my wife very busy – but gee whiz. 🙂

    Politics is one of those things where I want to make a difference, but sometimes the costs seem too high – meaning my own personal well being. I think there is one simple thing missing in much of society – especially in politics – its called R-E-S-P-E-C-T. We need to relearn this as a society in order to move out of the muck. #JustMy2Cents

    • Thanks, Rick! I get exhausted reading it too, but living it is not so bad. 🙂 I 100% agree – we need respect in our society and lots of it. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I Look forward to what you have to say.

  4. Diane Jacob says:

    Holly, You are awesome. Follow your passions where ever they lead you.

  5. Christina says:

    Holly, I smile when I read this and so many other things you’ve written. You know how in life we meet so many wonderful people? Some are only in our lives for a short time yet they leave an indelible mark upon our hearts: You my friend left one of those marks upon my heart. From our first meeting at Deseret towers our freshman year to living above you at Campus Plaza way back in 1982, you were such a dear and precious friend for that short time. (I even came to see you once after you were married.) Wow, what a life you’ve lived; I think you could run circles around many a track star and not be out of breath. I love how you put yourself out there and how you share your thoughts and ideas and all these amazing snippets of your life. I’m truly in awe! Thanks for teaching us and for giving us food for thought! I’m grateful to the French speaking, green eyeshadow wearing, quick to laugh girl, who cried tears and wanted to quit nursing school in the beginning girl and for the wonderful example of a truly amazing woman you are! Thanks Holly Joy and keep on keeping on politics or not! Bless you always and your family! XO

    • Oh.My.Gosh. I can’t believe you remember all of that!! Thank you so much for reaching out and re-connecting! My life is nothing like I envisioned it would be back in 1982. It is wildly, beautifully different and wonderful. How are you?!

      • Christina says:

        It’s funny how what we invision when we’re young often turns out differently than what we first expected. Life for me has been filled with many wonderful blessings and many challenges, especially raising four wild and wonderful daughters! I’m thankful for all my life experience they’ve shaped me and continue to shape me into what I pray is a better human being. It’s interesting how life comes full circle and paths we thought long crossed can be strolled again through modern technology! Love it! By the way I’m not sure if I ever told you but you helped or did deliver one of my Great Nephews 5 years ago when my niece lived in Heber 😃 small world!