Vote Heather Groom for School Board

Heather GroomThis year’s races for school board have been heated and divisive, sometimes (often?) descending into personal attacks, false accusations, misrepresentations and hyperbole.

In the midst of that, one calm voice of reason stands out: Heather Groom.

Heather is running for the state school board in District 9, the district that includes much of Utah county.

She has my full support.

Heather has been on the state school board since 2013, when she was appointed to fill a vacancy.

She has a strong background in education. She graduated from BYU with a degree in Spanish and has taught ESL. She has been on charter school boards, has been intimately involved in starting a Chinese immersion program and additional language programs in Arabic and Spanish.

She’s a board member on the Space EdVenture Foundation and actively volunteers in a variety of schools.

She is thoughtful, respectful and committed to not only listen to but work with all sides.

She values transparency and local control.

She opposes any federal mandate that limits educational choice at a local level.

She values and respects teachers and does not see them as “the enemy,” a concerning trend that seems to be gaining steam for some unfortunate reason.

Above all, Heather values Utah students and is passionate about helping them succeed.

I encourage you to join me in voting for Heather Groom for State School Board.